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13 février 2011 7 13 /02 /février /2011 19:04


KP3 20%

the theremin is more or less considered as a strange instrument... why not to continue in this direction and add something to the strangeness. After some research on existing material and some advice from music stores, I decided to acquire a "KAOSS PAD 3" from KORG.

this famous KP3 can change the sound of the instrument
, choosing from an effects library, configurable and modifiable at will:

Filter (16 types)
EQ (2 types)
Modulation (12 types)
Compressor (2 types)
LFO (25 types)
Delay (16 types)
Reverb (6 types)
Grain Shifter (5 types)
Looper (13 types)
Sample Effect (7 types)
Sample Bank Crossfade (4 types)
Drums (6 types)
Synthesizer (10 types)
Vocoder (4 types)

the touch screen allows you to see which effect modulation is chosen and vary it very intuitively, quickly and directly.

for backup, no problem, everything is recorded onto a 2GB SD card !

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