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5 mars 2011 6 05 /03 /mars /2011 18:44


What about putting some smoothness and wah wah feeling on the instrument...Just take a MoogerFooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter from Moog !

MF - 101

Specifications :

Features :

* CUTOFF rotary control, which varies the filters cutoff frequency over an eight-octave range. 
* RESONANCE rotary control, which varies the shape of the filters response, from pure lowpass to actual oscillation. 
* ENVELOPE AMOUNT rotary control, which adjusts the amount that the input signals envelope sweeps the filter cutoff frequency. 
* MIX rotary control, which crossfades continuously from unfiltered to filtered audio. 
* DRIVE rotary control, which adjusts the gain of the audio input. 
* SMOOTH-FAST rocker switch, which chooses between smooth and fast envelope follower response. 
* 2-POLE 4-POLE rocker switch, which chooses between 2-pole (bright) and 4-pole (deep) filter frequency 
* response. 
* LEVEL, a three-color LED that is used to set the DRIVE control. 
* ENV, a LED that indicates the strength of the envelope voltage. 
* BYPASS, a two-color LED that tells whether the filter is on or bypassed. 
* ON/BYPASS, a rugged, smooth-acting stomp switch. 

Jack Panel Features
* AUDIO IN 1/4" phone jack - accepts any instrument-level or line-level audio signal from -16 dBm to +4 dbm. 
* AUDIO OUT 1/4" phone jack - -4 dBm nominal output level. 
* CUTOFF, RESONANCE, AMOUNT, MIX, all of which are stereo 1/4" jacks that accept moogerfooger EP1 (or equivalent) expression pedals, or control voltages from either two-circuit or three-circuit 1/4" jacks. 
* ENVELOPE OUT jack - delivers the Envelope Control voltage for use by other voltage-controlled devices. 
* +9V POWER INPUT jack - accepts standard 9 volt power adaptors (power adaptor included). 

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