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  • Power connector problem

    30 mars 2014 ( #Theremin History Flow )

    30-Mar 2014 When the power connector is broken at his front soldering (A), put a piece of wood between the power connector and the potentiometer (B) to counter the pressure when putting the power cable in the connector. OK, I know, it's not a way to fix...

  • First approach of my theremin

    10 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    August 2009 Finally, I have my theremin, brand new. Put it on the table, read the owner's maual, plug the instrument in... And like every (I assume !) first time player, make some weard sounds with it, till I thought that was enough for funny tries. Let's...

  • theremin and sound

    11 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Aug-2009 So theremin is OK (I mean everything is functional). But How does it sound when you have no real amp for this ? The only amp I have at this time is a Roland Micro Cube....mmmhh well, how will I describe what comes out this tiny thing ? It's simply...

  • First solution to find nice smooth sound on theremin

    12 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Sept-2009 My parents had an old radio in 1958 . A " SABA Freudenstadt 8 " . They did not know what to do with it . FM was not working , so they no longer saw the need to keep it . However , this type of radio has tubes and an input for amplifying a turntable...

  • Add some sound effects on theremin

    13 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Nov-2009 the theremin is more or less considered as a strange instrument... why not to continue in this direction and add something to the strangeness . After some research on existing material and some advice from music stores , I decided to acquire...

  • Better than Micro Cube

    16 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Avr-2010 Here is a good solution for portability . completely autonomous: the Roland KC110 . Features: - Runs on eight AA batteries, eight AA rechargeable batteries, or AC power (adaptor included) - Highly efficient 30 watts (15W+15W) stereo amplifier...

  • Theremin Gig-box

    18 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    May-2010 To make journeys outside the closed environment , I had to put the theremin in a worthy efficient and convenient packaging . As there is nothing like this for me on the marked, I threw myself into building a gig-box . There it is, in wood, with...

  • Autonomous theremin part 3

    22 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Jun-2010 A new idea to have electricity where there is no available energy : The portable wind turbine: the concept is interesting , ecological , but ... Is the amount of energy supplied by the turbine enough ? Plus, It's absolutely necessary to play...

  • Autonomous theremin in progress

    23 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Jun-2010 here is my chosen solution to have an autonomous theremin: - a battery of sufficient capacity to play for at least 4 hours and powerful enough to accept the theremin , the KaossPad and Amp if needed . - 220 volt converter to plug all devices...

  • Autonomous theremin in progress 2

    24 février 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Jul-2010 My friend from Paris crafted the whole battery - charger- converter set for me . Before going there to pick up my stuff, I still need the container for easy and convenient transport . So what could be more convenient than a hiking backpack ,...

  • KC-110 Stand

    02 mars 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Aug-2010 the KC -110 from Roland is convenient , that's right. But it has to be put on the ground . Which is not very well when the ground is n't flat or clean . The solution: the KC - 110 Amp Stand . Plus , it comes with a travel bag . In this bag you...

  • theremin and sound part 2

    05 mars 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Oct-2010 What about putting some smoothness and wah wah feeling on the instrument...Just take a MoogerFooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter from Moog ! Specifications : Features : * CUTOFF rotary control, which varies the filters cutoff frequency over an eight-octave...

  • Theremin sound and portability

    20 mars 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    Dec-2010 For extrem outside theremining, I had to find a solution to replae the Moog MF-1010 low pass filter to something autonomous, light and till efficient. the solution? The Korg Monotron: Specifications: Features the same classic analog filter found...

  • Outside theremin Mount Titlis

    27 mars 2011 ( #Anywhere Anytime Stages )

    Dec-2010 On December 2010, I decided to bring the theremin to the extreme. Destination Switzerland. it was cold, it was windy it was high, it was short (only 7 minutes of playing because of frozen fingers) but totally awesome !!!! Mount Titlis - Switzerland...

  • Theremin Diamond Speaker 015

    08 juillet 2011 ( #Diamond Speaker )

    08-Jul 2011 Tadaaa! and welcome to the amplifier, which can separately adjust filter & level to the two speakers thru PC software. In addition, I had to buy a Shuko-Powercon power supply cable. On the Amp, there's an XLR input. I must now find a Mono-Jack...

  • Outside theremin Donon

    01 août 2011 ( #Anywhere Anytime Stages )

    01-Aug I like sunny days.... Went with my car in the "Col du Donon", 700m High, and then by foot to the "Donon", 1000m High...2 hours walking...for 2.1 km ! Well not very efficient. After finding this magical Spot, main problem was the amount of insects...

  • "Clair de Nuit" Festival

    15 août 2011 ( #Concerts )

    06-Aug 2011 "Clair de Nuit" was a great festival, it ended up with rain, But the public was still enthusiast from the beginning to the end ! Note for thereminists : be careful when press photographers turns around less than 2 meters from the pitch antenna......

  • Theremin - Kaosspad - MF-101 - Amp

    28 novembre 2011 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    28-Nov 2011 Last day, I tested some new connection between all my "music things" 2 self made cables, Jack mono to double Cinch : - 2x Neutrik NP 2 RX-AU-SILENT (6.3mm angled jack with gold platted connectors and silent switch for noiseless input and output)...

  • Micro Amp transformation Part1

    10 mars 2012 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    10-March 2012 Just bought this Amp... for transformation Rated Power Output 2.5 W + 2.5 W Nominal Input Level (1 kHz) INPUT: -10 dBu STEREO AUX IN: -10 dBu MONO AUX IN: -10 dBu Speakers 10 cm (4 inches) x 4 Controls POWER Switch, TUNER Switch, COMP Switch...

  • Micro Amp transformation Part13

    09 avril 2012 ( #Wavingbox History Flow )

    09-Apr 2012 Theremin Box without and with theremin inside 3 Metal sheets added in the bottom of the case to reduce the undesirable effects due to the grounding absence , everything has its place the theremin is now fully autonomous thanks to Thierry Frenkel....

  • Outside theremining

    05 mai 2012 ( #Anywhere Anytime Stages )

    05-May 2012 after 8 planes, 10 days of visiting/traveling, 1 train 2 buses + cars... the theremin is still working, including HP's and amp. But inside the case I have to make some improvement, I need to: - change antennas fastening. - modify the theremin...

  • Outside theremin Guadalajara 02

    10 mai 2012 ( #Anywhere Anytime Stages )

    01-May 2012 Small disappointment in Mexico. I have not been eligible to play on Mayan pyramid. But I had unexpected compensation. On the street in Guadalajara, was a band playing. (guitar, keyboard, drums, percussion and computer). After discussion, I...

  • Etherwave Plus choice

    14 février 2011

    Why I chose a Moog Etherwave Plus? for two reasons : the first is the possibility to plug in headphones. Which is very convenient in concert , an ear for the pure theremin sound without any effect , and one ear free to listen to all the other instruments/...

  • Theremin Underground

    13 avril 2014 ( #Anywhere Anytime Stages )

    12-Mai 2014 Il Poveretto -Verdi- In 450 meter long main corridor from the Ligne Maginot (Ouvrage du Four à Chaux) in Lembach -France-. Build between 1930 and 1935. This area has a great Reverb+Echo...

  • Wesserling Outside Tales

    07 juillet 2014 ( #Concerts )

    Next live will take place in the "parc de Wesserling" with outside enigmatic enchanting humorous delicate tales told by Sylvie Arnal. 14th July, 14pm till 18pm

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